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We have a variety of cosmetic packaging for your choice

New Products

Welcome to Libo’s New Product page. Discover our new design and decoration here and inspire creation on new products line!

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Eco-Friendly Series

Libo keeps working hard to create innovative sustainable solutions with lower environmental impact of the packaging A new line of post-consumer recycled (PCR) cosmetic packaging has released.

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According to the same design style, family products provide a total solution for different categories of products or different specifications of products.

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Lip Gloss

Unique lip gloss bottle with elegant design. 2 in 1 functional colorful lip gloss packaging tube with brush and brush applicator.

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Aluminum or plastic custom lipstick tubes are stylish and with screen printing. Lipstick tube is for spiral 12.1, 12.7, and 9 mm mini set or customization.

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Custom printed popular, modern, luxury empty cosmetic compacts, including rectangular, round, and specialty shape.

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Jars can be injection moulded or injection blow moulded depending on the customers design criteria. Widely used high quality and round shape bottle and jar with lid for personal care.

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Empty plastic circular, aluminum, and double-headed mascara tube with brush applicator.

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Our design service is flexible and dedicated, producing original concepts and bringing customers' own ideas to reality.

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Platform Options

We provide multiple choices of different compact platform with high quality. You can do all the secondary/tertiary processing at Libo for increasing production efficiency. (All-in-house)

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Libo offers a large range of aluminum with high-quality for makeup packaging.

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Dream to be a beautiful Ariel mermaid and swim freely under the sea. Bahama blue fish-scales with sparkle quicksand shimmered in a different way. Reveal your unique beauty with New Mermaid Sparkle Compact. LB-C039 L\W\H: 90.2 × 90.2 × 13 mm Size of well: ø 37.08 × 3.7 mm × 4  LB-C039L L\W\H: 90.2 × 90.2 × 13 mm Size of well: 24.3 × 24.3 × 4.3 mm × 9 


New Makeup Set: Rose Crystal Collection The asymmetric cutting shapes inspired by crystal look. It gives anyone who have this makeup set an extraordinary confidence and beauty. Unlike traditional design, it’s multi faced sides that is convenient to hold in your hands. It gives a high-end expression by our secondary processing. Decoration options are available: silk-screening, hot stamping, metallization and more. LB-B037 Container Sub Type: Lip gloss L\W\H: ø 28.15 × 19.9 ×79.8 mm Volume: 4.5 ml  LB-C035 Container Sub Type: Compact L\W\H: 152.4 × 78 × 22.55 mm Size of well: 56.4 × 21.15 × 4.3 mm × 5


Inspired by the designs of vintage makeup, Libo creates a metal-toned packaging range with neoclassic decorations. This aluminum lipstick is your true fashion and beauty essential. LB-A306 Container Sub Type: Lipstick OD×H: ø 19 × 67.6 mm Cup Dim: 12.1 / 12.7 mm Volume: 3.23 ml