Libo strives for create innovative sustainable solutions and products to reduce environmental impact.

LIBO's 5Rs

Our mission is guided by the 5R principle, namely:
◆ Reduce: Reduce plastics materials use and reduce CO2 emissions reduction
◆ Recycle: Reclaimed materials, Post-Consumer-Recycled plastic
◆ Replace: Smart materials, Bio-based
◆ Refill: Refillable packaging solutions
◆ Responsibility: Build Eco-friendly plant


To demonstrate its commitment, we are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future.
◆ Solar Energy: We built solar energy to obtain renewable energy from rooftop solar PV panels
◆ Sewage disposal: We continue to improve the quality of water we discharge by implement wastewater treatment system. We regularly audit for compliance to standards and convert sewage into an effluent that can be returned to the water cycle

100% PCR

With environmental awareness on the rise, Libo has been committed to environmentally friendly packaging. Libo developed the sustainable packaging Includes PCR, bio-based, refillable design, recyclable materials. Components are being manufactured using 100% certified materials. Libo's goal is to match eco-friendly concerns while delivering packaging solutions with best quality.

PCR full range: compact, lipstick and lip gloss.
◆ Adopt 100% recycle resource for production


◆ Made in whole or partially from renewable biological resources
◆ Helps avoid the further depletion of fossil fuels

Refillable Packaging

◆ Reuse the case and reduce waste
◆ Recyclable materials

Recyclable Packaging

◆ Recyclable under code 1 and 5
◆ Tough, high level of chemical resistance