Your need for innovative product packaging drives everything we do and all that we offer.

  • Aluminum Production Line

    Libo Cosmetics Company, Ltd. Manufactures excellent cosmetics packaging. Our Taiwanese facilities produce mostly aluminum luxury items. We control quality before production, in production and inspection after products finished. All the secondary/tertiary processing can be done at Libo for increasing production efficiency.

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    Decorate your packaging to create an extraordinary finishing. We provide different options for client to customize their demand. One of the most popular decorating options, silk screening.

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    With environmental awareness on the rise, Libo Cosmetics has been committed to environmentally friendly packaging. We have certificate of compliance from GRS to guarantee authenticity of all our recycled products . We have been working hard on developing sustainable cosmetics packaging, such as PCR, bio-based, refillable design, and recyclable materials, to create a more sustainable future for the next generations.

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    Libo Cosmetics delivers best qualities of products and services to the customers including following up the effective quality and environment management system, joining the agreement to strengthen the security of merchandise, cargo and people. Libo also ensures the rights of its employees by prohibiting forced labor and anti-discrimination, providing safe and healthy working environment.

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    Libo Cosmetics is known for its aesthetically appealing cosmetics packaging that helps brands standout in the market.

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    Collaboratively, LIBO has the potential to forge a fresh concept of beauty, crafting formulations that are entirely unprecedented. Our cosmetics manufacturing is tailored to accommodate businesses of all kinds: from emerging brands to the mass market, and extending to the realm of luxury. This is achieved with unparalleled flexibility and dedicated commitment to meeting essential quality standards.

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