Libo Cosmetics is known for its aesthetically appealing cosmetics packaging that helps brands standout in the market.

Top-plates -Diamond

Libo Cosmetics offers many top plates options. The dazzling diamond top-plate is one of our cult-favorite decorations. Different diamond options are also available.

3D Glitter Effects

Glitter effects can be applied to multiple range of produce: lipstick, compacts, mascara, and much more. Provide a sparkly aesthetic to brand identity.

Top-Plates-Faux Leather

Libo Cosmetics offers wide range of faux leather adding a luxury touch to packaging.

Gradient Effects

Stunning gradient color can be applied to wide range of packaging. Libo Cosmetics offers shiny or matt finishes.

Crystal Glaze Effects

Crystal glaze creates unique pattern and texture effect that can be applied to a wide range of packaging

3D Droplet Effects

3D Droplet is an eye-catching effects that can be applied to a wide range of packaging, lipstick, compacts, mascara, and much more.

3D Printing Effects

3D printing is one of the best ways to apply colorful graphics with high level of detail on packaging. The decorations can be applied on various packaging: lipstick, lip gloss, compact, mascara, and more!

Hot Foil

Libo Cosmetics offers high quality hot foil decorations for wide range of packaging. Hot foil provides a sharp and fully opaque decorations! Can be applied for various colors with shiny or matt effects.