Collaboratively, LIBO has the potential to forge a fresh concept of beauty, crafting formulations that are entirely unprecedented. Our cosmetics manufacturing is tailored to accommodate businesses of all kinds: from emerging brands to the mass market, and extending to the realm of luxury. This is achieved with unparalleled flexibility and dedicated commitment to meeting essential quality standards.


Explore a comprehensive selection of face-enhancing cosmetics designed to elevate your complexion. From hydrating foundations to illuminating highlighters, velvety bronzers, and other essentials, our collection provides all the tools you require to achieve a radiant and polished facial appearance.







Lip makeup encompasses a diverse array of items meticulously crafted to elevate your lips through the infusion of color, radiance, and nurturing elements. Spanning across lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, lip tints, lip butter, lip kits, and beyond, our assortment of vegan lip makeup presents an extensive spectrum of choices to explore.

-Lip balms



-Liquid lipsticks


Discover an array of essentials to enhance your eye aesthetics, ranging from enriching mascara and vegan cruelty-free eyeshadow and beyond. Uncover all the elements required to elevate your eye makeup game to new heights.




LIBO collaborates with top-tier laboratories on both a domestic and international scale to improve and create beauty product formulations for various brands